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Peaky Blinders Race & Fun Casino Theme Nights

OW BIST GEWIN ! Fancy a bostin night out at the Gee Gees ? bit of gamblin ?

Peaky Blinders and Black Country theme night including a Night at The Gee Gees and illegal gambling...

Peaky Blinders Themed Deluxe Package - from only £975

Step back in time and through the secret dower of the Garrison Tavern and into the murky underworld of the Peaky Blinders illegal gamblin den where you can have a flutter on the Gee Gees prior to the illegal gamblin tables opening with our new Peaky Blinders 1920’s Black Country theme night.

We kick off the evening with a race night where you can place your bets at Thomas Shelby and Sons backstreet bookmakers. 4 races are presented on the big screen plus the auction race. The illegal race night lasts for about 1 hour. We can either raise funds for charity or meet some of the cost to create The Peaky Blinders race and casino theme night, quite legally !

We then tek a break for some fittle and enjoy traditional fish, chips n mushy pays or perhaps pie n mash is on the bar snack menu of The Garrison Tavern.

Truly professional croupiers in costume open the casino tables, blackjack and roulette, presented in Peaky Blinders imagery and we gamble the night away. Ya need t keep ya wits about ya and dunna get too kayliyad if you wanna win the prize for the best gambler, although bribes ! may be accepted !!


The complete Peaky Blinders package includes:

  • Blackjack and roulette tables presented in Peaky Blinders imagery with truly professional croupiers in costume dealing for 2 hours. Further tables may be hired if you wish, especially on busy nights at a cost of £200.00 per additional table.
  • Thomas Shelby and Sons bookmakers tote to place ya bets
  • Facade to enter the secret door to The Garrison Tavern
  • 8 x giant casino chips featuring Thomas Shelby and Alfie Solomon's (Tom Hardy)
  • 2 x giant Black Country playing cards featuring The Peaky Blinders
  • Racecourse finishing posts.
  • Racecourse fencing and parade ground with artificial turf and sticks
  • 2 x giant Peaky Blinders razor blades.
  • Carnival bunting and Black Country flags.
  • Starting gate
  • Signs for the larpoms "birds n blokes" toilets.
  • Whiskey and Cigar Bar with 1920’s and Peaky Blinders memorabilia. Bootlegged ale and scrathcings could be sold from here.
  • Truly bespoke pop up banners featuring the Shelby Bros and cast of the Peaky Blinders
  • Straw bales, spit and sawdust.
  • Whiskey barrels, Shelby coal sacks, wood burning oil drums, crates and any old iron recreate Thomas Shelby’s yard.
  • Peaky Blinders clobber is a must.

 Trarabit (see you again soon)

If you have a budget in mind that you would like to spend please contact Ian at Andy Smith Presents to discuss your budget and requirements in fine detail and I can tailor a package to suit your exact requirements.



get a price for your fun casino !

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