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1920 Speakeasy Theme Nights

Take a step back in time to Chicago and the Rip Roaring twenties!

Welcome to our glamorous, high class Speakeasy joint and illegal gambling den where Guys and Dolls exchange their Dollars and try their luck at our 1920’s themed bespoke blackjack and roulette tables with truly professional croupiers dressed as Flappers or Dappers.

1920's Speakeasy Theme Night Package from only £975.00

Guests make their way down the black carpet grand entrance and into our secret world of 1920’s Chicago & underground Speakeasy.

Stand in line and have your mug shot taken on the ID Parade.

Once entry has been secretly gained you will find that your chosen venue has been totally transformed with giant vintage casino props, decorations and art deco features in the style of 1920’s Chicago.

The cocktails are flowing, bootleg liquor and moonshine a plenty, a little party never hurt nobody! did it ?. The party is in full Swing !.

The stage has been created against the backdrop where public enemy number 1 Al Capone allegedly ordered the execution of a rival bootlegging gang infamously known as “The St Valentines Day Massacre”on the 14/2/1929 and awaits your chosen musical entertainment for the evening.

The complete 1920’s Speakeasy package includes:

  • The most popular and requested casino tables of blackjack (21) and roulette that have been uniquely designed in 1920’s imagery including the truly professional and immaculately presented croupiers dressed as gangsters or flapper girls open the gambling tables for business for a duration of up to 2-3 hours within the night. Further tables may be hired if you wish, especially on busy nights at a cost of £200.00 per additional table.
  • Personalised 1920’s fun money Dollars for every gangster and moll.
  • Black or red carpet with velvet ropes and 8 x gold stanchions leads guests into our secret 1920’s Speakeasy and illegal gambling den. The grand underground entrance includes a facade of brick wall panels and Speakeasy archway.
  • 4 x giant vintage art deco playing cards displayed on easels.
  • 8 x giant vintage casino chips hang from the rafters and feature 2 of the most feared gangsters of the Prohibition era including Al Capone and John Dillinger.
  • 8 x silhouette standees featuring 1920’s gangsters and flapper girls.
  • Vintage Chicago street signs.
  • Line up and have your mug shot taken against the backdrop of our ID parade including chalk boards displaying your name and number.
  • 6 x pop up banners featuring the gangsters wanted and reward for their capture.
  • Signs for Guys and Molls displayed on the restrooms.
  • 4 x full size vintage illegal bootleg liquor barrels (poseur tables) and a selection of beer crates.
  • Portable pop up Speakeasy whiskey and cigar bar. The venue may stock and serve illicit beer and whiskey from here, please speak with your venues bar tender !
  • The stage recreates the infamous St Valentines Day massacre where Al Capone massacred 7 members of a rival bootlegging gang, allegedly ! measuring 12ft by 8ft. Art Deco features stand either side of the wall and 2 x giant floating dice features complete the stage area to host your musical entertainment for the evening.
  • 6 x art deco pillars.
  • Replica Hangman's noose allow further opportunities for photographs is exhibited.
  • Up lighting surrounds the walls of your chosen Speakeasy and bring the props and decorations alive.
  • 4 x Art Deco starburst features in gold and silver.

If you have a budget in mind that you would like to spend please contact Ian at Andy Smith Presents to discuss your budget and requirements in fine detail and I can tailor a package to suit your exact requirements.


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